Our company’s Estate Agency Department is dedicated to providing exceptional services in the sale, purchase, and letting of properties on behalf of our clients. With a focus on bringing together buyers and sellers, as well as landlords and prospective tenants, we strive to facilitate seamless transactions and ensure client satisfaction.

Within this department, we undertake various activities to meet our clients’ specific needs and requests. This includes accepting briefs or instructions from clients, which may involve tasks such as auctioning properties, facilitating purchases, sales, and rentals, and conducting negotiations to secure the best prices or rents for their properties.

We also take great care in securing suitable properties for our clients, ensuring their interests are met. Through meticulous sourcing and research, we identify properties that align with our clients’ requirements and preferences.

Additionally, we have a rigorous selection process for tenants, focusing on individuals or businesses that demonstrate the ability and willingness to meet lease terms. We consider factors such as rental payment history and suitability for the intended use of the property.

Our team excels in negotiating lease terms, covering crucial aspects such as the amount of rent payable, duration and terms of the lease, and potential renewal options. We ensure that both tenants and landlords are aware of their obligations, including repair liabilities, to establish clear and fair agreements.

With a commitment to professionalism, integrity, and a deep understanding of the real estate market, our Estate Agency Department is dedicated to providing exceptional service and delivering excellent results for our clients.


At Dele Olaiya & Associates, we are your trusted partners in the world of real estate, providing professional valuation services for a wide range purposes. Our team of Registered Valuers is committed to delivering honest, unbaised assessments that you can rely on, regardless of your real estate needs.

We take pride in being enlisted by most banks in Nigeria as their trusted valuer. Our commitment to accuracy and professionalism makes us the ideal choice for your valuation needs. We look forward to serving you and ensuring a smooth and reliable valuation process.


We offer a comprehensive range of valuation services to meet your diverse needs:

1. Mortgage Valuations:
– Vital assessments for lenders to determine loan amounts and collateral values.
2. Sales or Purchase Valuation:
– Independent property value assessments for vendors and purchasers.
3. Tank Farm Valuation:
– Precise and comprehensive valuations for strategic decisions, risk management, and asset optimization in the critical tank farm sector.
4. Insurance Valuation:
– Replacement Cost for Insurance assessments to ensure adequate coverage for property reinstatement.
5. Building Projects and Renovation:
– Assessments to determine added value and impact on property worth, crucial for securing financing and aligning investment expectations.
6. Agricultural Valuation:
– Comprehensive valuations for agricultural properties, aiding informed decisions in agricultural investments, land transactions, and financial planning.
7. Progress Payment and Completion Certificate:
– Evaluation of project costs, progress tracking, and project completion cost determination for transparent financial management.
8. Statements of Position:
– Support for annual accounting and family trusts, offering impartial assessments for accurate financial reporting.
9. Matrimonial Valuations:
– Objective property valuations to ensure fair asset distribution during matrimonial settlements.
10. Family Trust Valuation:
– Precise, unbiased market value evaluations for asset transfers involving family trusts.
11. Compulsory Acquisition and Compensation Valuation:
– Market-based compensation valuations adhering to legal obligations, including the Public Works Act.
12. Oil Spillage or Injurious Affection Valuations:
– Assessments of financial impact caused by oil spills or environmental damages, quantifying losses incurred.
13. Tenement Rating Valuations:
– Assessment of rateable values for local tax or municipal purposes, determining property tax amounts.
14. Rental Valuations:
– Determining fair market rental values for residential, commercial, and other real estate properties.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated professionals at Dele Olaiya & Associates. We’re here to assist you with your real estate valuation needs. Contact us today for reliable, expert guidance.


At Dele Olaiya & Associates, we specialize in comprehensive property management services tailored to various property types, including residential housing, multi-unit apartments, and retail and mixed-use properties. Our local market expertise ensures the success of each unique community, and we offer two core services: Lease Management and Facility Management.


Our dedicated team of property management surveyors delivers a hassle-free investment experience by handling all aspects of property management, including thorough tenant screening, lease agreement drafting and execution, rent collection, maintenance, positive tenant relations, rent reviews, and efficient lease renewals and terminations. With our Lease Management services, we maximize your property’s potential and extend its useful life.


Our expert facility management teams ensure the long-term functionality, sustainability, safety, and efficiency of both commercial and residential properties in our portfolio. Our services cover power and electrical management, air conditioning, elevator maintenance, water supply, security solutions, waste management, grounds upkeep, and general building maintenance. We enhance your investments by merging customer perspectives with industry standards to ensure the well-being, security, and comfort of building occupants.

Efficiently administered properties offer constancy and security for property owners and occupants. Collaborating with us at Dele Olaiya & Associates ensures that your property receives proficient care. Choose excellence. Choose Dele Olaiya & Associates.