The RICS (2003) holds the view that surveyors are the people who understand property in all its ramification, the legislation governing it, the markets trading it and its strategic importance in business and finance.


The name given to the real estate professional varies from country to country. In Nigeria, he is called an ‘estate surveyor and valuer’. In the U.K. and other countries of the British Common Wealth, he is known as a ‘surveyor or valuer’. In the US, he is called an ‘appraiser’. Continue reading>>>> 

Salient Provisions in the Land Use Charge Law 2020

The Land Use Charge reform is considered very necessary to resolve the concerns of Lagosians and reduce the financial burden on citizens as it relates to Land Use and the cost implications. This is consequent to the development in 2018, where there was an increase in Land Use Charge rates as well as the method of valuation of properties. This dual shock had an erratic increase in Land Use Charge payable by property owners and drastically affected the process of Land Use activities. Hence, the most recent downward review is viewed as a welcome and most satisfactory development. Continue reading>>>>

Important Steps to Take in a Sale of Land Transaction


     Steps you should take before you Seal that Deal;

  1. Employ the Services of all Necessary Professionals for Advice: There are various stages in acquiring title to land hence, in a sale of land transaction; it is of great wisdom to employ the services of the different recognised professionals at the right stages of the transaction, from the commencement to the final registration of instrument of title.

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