Our Services



The firm offers quality services based on accepted best practice in the provision of real estate valuation and advisory services. Our valuation advisory team offers prompt, accurate and professional valuation services in accordance with an internationally recognised standard.
Our Valuation Services include;
– Valuation for secured lending
– Year-end accounts and cash flow analysis
– Rental, sales and acquisition
– Takeovers and mergers
– Insurance valuation; etc

Real Estate Consultancy

Dele Olaiya & Associates provides customized solutions for operators and investors to enhance their decision-making process.

The firm’s independence, coupled with its deep knowledge built from a strong history analyzing capital markets and real estate across property sectors, provides clients with tailored solutions that address their specific needs.


Facility Management

Our facilities managers are highly qualified and knowledgeable, our Facilities managers work with contractors, employees, and higher-level executives, all with the goal of ensuring that the physical operations of the company be maintained. In charge of the day-to-day operations of the business, our facilities managers are also exceptionally conscientious and diligent. Experienced enough to identify potential issues before they occur and to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Our Major Responsibilities as Facility Managers
  • Ensuring that the facility is operating as it should on a daily basis. OurFacility managers complete daily inspections and communicate directly with decision-makers to ensure that the business is running smoothly every day. For this reason, our facility managers are generally highly visible and are frequently completing inspections.
  • Dealing with emergency issues that arise. Our managers are generally involved in anything that breaches the safety, security, or usability of our facilities. Our managers often have contingency plans regarding what needs to be done in the event that certain situations occur, such as equipment breaking down unexpectedly.
  • Formulating plans for the future. In addition to ensuring that the facility is currently adequate, our facility managers also make sure that the facility will continue to be so. Our Facility managers project future requirements regarding the company, and work closely with decision-makers to determine the best upgrade paths for equipment and infrastructure.
  • Creating plans for replacements and repairs. Management and maintenance go hand-in-hand. Our Facilities managers plan ahead for any necessary replacements and repairs, scheduling necessary maintenance and management tasks during the times that are least likely to disrupt the business and its employees.

Project Manager

Our project managers bring all the disparate pieces of a project together, ensuring that the different phases of work are completed efficiently and within a predefined budget. Sometimes a project manager isn’t designated or given a title.

  • IF you ever DREAM of a smooth and salient project, consider us your REALITY. We manage the design and construction of real estate projects from Sketch to finishing; we will handle every detail on your behalf and gift  you with unbeatable returns on investment. Be sure also that we have got your scheduled time frame on track, not neglecting cost management and overseeing your reputation is protected. We carry out the following real estate projects:

    Project Management
  • Acquisitions
  • Development of New Construction
  • Real Estate Projects at Existing Corporate Buildings

Real Estate Agency/Brokerage

DOA is a leading expert in the valuation, sale and acquisition of insurance distribution businesses including retail agencies and wholesale brokerages.

Our team of valuation experts and M&A advisors guide clients through our professional processes, leveraging our industry knowledge, transaction expertise and network to help our clients achieve a goal. We work daily with insurance agency owners, agency buyers, and lenders across the country. We pride ourselves on providing clients with the highest level of service and expertise.

Property Development

As a real estate firm,we are in involve in the development of buildings and land into a higher use value. It’s a multi-faceted business which can encompass any of the following:

  • Buying land and building property on it;
  • Renovating, extending or improving property;
  • Converting property from one use type to another.