AUTHOR: Michael LeBoeuf, Ph.D

REVIEW BY: Valerie Okoruwa


This is a 22 paragraph first rated book that comprehensively enlightens readers on the fundamentals for winning and keeping customers for life, which is divided into 3 distinct parts.


  1. Basics
  • The secret to winning and keeping customers is to reward
  • Forget the notion of selling to people. Rather, focus on helping customers buy what’s best for them. Note; People love to buy but hate to be sold to.
  • The best salesman is one who believes in what he sells. The greatest customer you will ever win is
  • People only buy good feelings and solutions to problems.
  • You represent your company whenever you have any dealings with a customer
  • It highly essential to render excellent service delivery but it’s also important to leave a mark for the reminder on the great service enjoyed.
  • One proven way to win customers is to seek out the golden question what is the unmet want?
  • To keep customers already won ‘’for life’’, seek out the platinum question; How are we doing? How can we get better?


  1. Managing the Moments of Truth
  • The importance of being prompt and prepared when customers appear, call or enquire.
  • Reward customers with kindness and empathy when angry or displeased.
  • Treat each customer as unique and respond to a unique request by customizing.
  • Making an extra effort to recommend when a customer is indecisive.
  • Agree, empathize, and build value when a customer raises obstacles or objections to buying.
  • Delivery of service should surpass customer’s expectations.
  • Politely appreciate a customer who refuses to buy.
  • Quick, positive action to response on complaints.
  • Give positive perks where customer is disappointed.
  1. The Triple- Win Reward System
  • Known companies that render excellent service delivery reward employees for the provision of the same.
  • Seek out the magic question of ‘’ What is being rewarded’’?
  • How employees treat customers, is a direct reflection of Management’s treatment of employees.

Action Plan for Quality Customer Service;

  • Treat customers like lifetime partners.
  • Ask every employee to share service improvement ideas.
  • Create a service strategy.
  • Careful selection and extensive training of frontline service employees.
  • Map out service quality goals and rewards.
  • Awareness of current happenings and trends.
  • Patience is key but satisfaction should never be chosen.

The greatest business strategy is in the area of customer retention.