Francisca Emmanuel Ojochegbe is a highly motivated and accomplished professional with a diverse background in various industries. Born in Kano State on August 30th, Francisca attended primary and secondary school in the same state, laying a solid foundation for her educational journey.

After completing secondary school in 2012, Francisca’s thirst for knowledge led her to enroll in a 6-month diploma course in computer studies. Eager to put her new skills to use, she embarked on a career at Jowise Telecommunications as a SIM registration officer for all networks, where she gained valuable experience in customer service and communication.

In 2013, Francisca took on a new challenge and joined Frost Yoghurt and Table Water as a front desk personnel. This role allowed her to hone her interpersonal skills and provided her with a solid understanding of managing front-end operations.

Driven by her passion for education, she pursued higher studies and was admitted to the prestigious University of Abuja in 2016. She dedicated herself to studying Educational Management, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experiences. Throughout her six years of teaching, Francisca has positively impacted the lives of countless students, fostering a love for learning and creating a conducive learning environment.

Continuing her commitment to professional growth, Francisca wrote and successfully passed the TRCN exam conducted by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria in 2021. This accomplishment earned her the recognition of being a certified teacher, further highlighting her dedication to excellence in education.

In the same year, Francisca graduated from the University of Abuja with a second class upper degree in Educational Management, solidifying her academic achievements. Following her graduation, she served at Odigbo Properties Ltd for a year, gaining invaluable insights into the real estate industry.

Francisca’s journey led her to her current position as an administrative personnel at Dele Olaiya & Associates, where she continues to showcase her exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills. With her friendly demeanor and a keen eye for detail, Francisca ensures that clients and visitors receive top-notch service and have a positive experience.

A personable and creative individual, Francisca thrives in dynamic environments, constantly seeking opportunities to learn and grow. With her extensive experience, educational background, and passion for assisting others, Francisca is poised to make a significant impact as an administrative staff at Dele Olaiya & Associates.