Book Review Titled: Affordable Author: Tayo Odunsi
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This book has catalogued 41- thought provoking pointers on issues of affordable housing in Nigeria.

“Affordable” highlights the necessity in a shift in perspective on the subject matter by thinking critically and differently about housing in order to solve the nation’s housing.

The book emphasizes the fact that government has a key role to play towards ensuring affordable housing, the community and individuals have a major role by ensuring that houses remain affordable by resisting increment in service charges and change of use.

There are five essential participants in delivering affordable housing – the Government, the Private Sector, Professionals, the Community and the Individual. Each party, like the lines of a pentagon, are distinct yet linked. They have the direct responsibility for affordable housing to be delivered and to be sustainable.


Each chapter in the book extensively describes what each participant needs to do, or to view differently, so that sustainable affordable housing can be achieved.

Some of the developed countries are cited in the book on the methods adopted by the government in reducing the setback laws and ensuring health and safety requirements are of a high standard. These methods have been most beneficial in mitigating emergencies so that people can develop on land intensively.

Affordable is written in a simple and easy to understand language and can be read by every individual.

Reviewed by: Valerie Okoruwa