Tara Nene Ebong’s appointment as The Legal/HR at Dele Olaiya & Associates, a reputable real estate company, is an excellent fit for her impressive background and diverse skill set. With her Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Gloucestershire and master’s degree in international Corporate and Commercial law, Tara has demonstrated a strong commitment to her legal career and has acquired extensive knowledge in various areas of law.

Her journey began in academia, where she excelled as a lecturer of law and Seminars Co-ordinator at the Centre of Law and Business. Teaching a range of University of London courses, she showcased her dedication to education and her ability to effectively share her knowledge with others. Notably, she also spearheaded the organization of the Law and Public Health Seminar, highlighting her organizational skills and passion for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Tara’s professional growth continued as she joined the law firm S.O.M Asoh & Co, where she gained valuable experience in Corporate law, Intellectual Property, Maritime law, Contract Bidding, Tenders, and Proposal Administration. This diverse expertise showcases her versatility and ability to navigate complex legal matters with finesse. Her role as a legal consultant for notable organizations further solidified her reputation as a skilled advisor, providing valuable guidance on compliance issues, contract drafting, and negotiation.

In addition to her legal career, Tara’s passion for literature and knowledge makes her a well-rounded individual. Her active membership in professional associations reflects her commitment to ongoing learning and staying current in her field. This dedication adds to her credibility and ensures she remains at the forefront of legal trends and advancements.

Tara Nene Ebong’s remarkable achievements, diverse experiences, and unwavering passion for her work make her an exceptional asset to Dele Olaiya & Associates. As she takes on her new role as the Manager of legal/HR, her dedication to academia, extensive expertise, and commitment to ongoing learning will undoubtedly contribute to the success and growth of the company. She is a true asset to the organization and will undoubtedly excel in her responsibilities as the Legal/HR, Manager.